What is Salafism?

There is a lot going on in the Muslim world. There is a new movement that is taking place. This movement is the Salafi movement. Salafism is a movement that is happening within the Sunni Islam religion and the people that follow this are ultra conservative. This sect of the Islam religion began in the 18th century and now people are looking to revisit these teaching.


People that follow Salafi are taking teachings from an earlier time period and are using these to try to bring order and understanding to the modern world. People that are part of the Salafism movement reject the religious innovations or bid’ah. They support the use of the sharia or the Islamic law. There are three categories that are making up this movement.


The largest group are called the purists and they do not want anything to do with politics and avoid it at all costs. The second group is the activist and they are ones that are looking to make political change. The third group and the smallest if the jihadists which are the minority in this movement.


The Salafism movement is popular in the Middle East. Countries, where this moving is gaining popularity, include Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Almost half of the Sunni population in this country are considered to be part of the Salafism movement.


Some people consider the Salafi movement to go along with the Wahhabism. Many of the Salafists considered this to be an insult to them. The Salafi strictly follow the teachings of Islam and take all of the approaches to this religion very seriously.


According to the teachings of Salafi, they should follow the examples of the people that have lived before them. Most follow the teachings of the first three generations which are known as the salaf. Muhammad was considered to be part of this group as well as the Companions and his followers and the followers or the followers. The new generation of the Salaf is looking to understand the texts of Islam. They are opposed to any changes in the religion and do not want things changed to fit into modern times.


Salafis view the Salaf as the mode that all Muslims including future generators should follow. They should follow the traditional beliefs, ways to worship, manners, lifestyle, and conduct. This form is Islam is considered to be pure and unadulterated. This method is commonly misunderstood by people that are not familiar with the religion. They feel that it is important to follow the sunnah or the rules to govern everyday life as well as times of prayer.


For example, a person may only use three fingers while they are eating and must hold water in their right hand while they are sitting. These teachings are very strict and there is a lot to remember. People that are following this religion do believe with all of their hard work and dedication in this life they will be great rewards in the afterlife.

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